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RetailPremier is a 360 degree Chain Shop Management Solution to handle multidimensional retail business from single interface. It’s a scalable e-Commerce and retail solution for enterprise businesses with unparalleled flexibility, security, and data management capabilities. RetailPremier gives the power to realize the online growth potential with high delivery commitment and zero fail possibility on supply chain management. The robust system architecture, unparalleled performance, innovative features; state-of-art security features help to drive the business forward with agility.

Unique Features

Using the advanced analytic techniques against very large, diverse big data sets that include structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, from different sources, and in different sizes ‘RetailPremier’ can obtain the desire output. The AI capabilities make ‘RetailPremier’ stronger in revenue generation through proper analysis of customer needs and interests. It also stores and enhances the end user searching area, customer interests etc. RetailPremier have the advance technology to monitor and control shop/store, warehouse and delivery management through IoT.

Advanced Features

RetailPremier solution is being implemented across the globe among enterprises of all sizes and helping the organizations maintain enhanced collaboration within the functional areas along with supply chain, simplify compliance and improve productivity. It’s also being adopted for effective planning and streamlining of data under one platform, regulating operating costs, improving decision-making, and increasing sales. With the increasing focus of modern small and medium-sized enterprises on improving their operational and business process efficiency, the adoption of Retail ERP software will boost the growth of the ERP software market size.


Winner of the ‘BASIS National ICT Awards 2020’ - CONSUMER (HC-C), Retail and Distribution