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Built for the Apparel Industry by the Apparel Industry, this cloud-based solution is built around your business and helps you achieve tangible business benefits.

Built for the Apparel Industry by the Apparel Industry, this cloud-based solution is built around your business and helps you achieve tangible business benefits.

Lead Time Compressor

With such constantly changing fashion and increasing impulse buys, you need a robust system that can help you react faster and better. BlueKaktus apparel management software not only help you significantly reduce your overall Lead time but also allows you to micromanage all orders through a single platform.

Merchandiser Productivity

Merchandising Department can be called as the powerhouse of the Fashion Industry. With everything digitized, all processes automated and more discipline in the system, BlueKaktus software for textile industry ensures Merchandiser Productivity to go as up as 100%.

Quality Enhancer

The most significant benefit that BlueKaktus fashion software can offer you is the mobile app for hassle-free inspection and quality checks. With Quality Module in place, it would become easier for Quality personnels to plan, schedule and track every stage of Inspection and update defects real time.

Inventory Manager

BlueKaktus software for fashion solves the most pressing concern of fashion industry, which is managing inventory so as to prevent overstock or understock. Our intelligent software assists in decision making, thereby enabling close to accurate Postpone Strategy and hence optimizing inventory.

Material Optimiser

Proper Planning and Analysis is imperative for an apparel firm to grow consistently. You would be surprised to find out the cost of the waste that your firm might dump. BlueKaktus fashion software provides tools that can greatly help in reducing the amount of wastage.

Downtime Reducer

Due to ad hoc customer demands, fashion retailers need to react to current sales trends and make tactical decisions mid-season. This puts mandate on manufacturers to improve their OTIF. Our software offers tools and techniques that can significantly increase OTIF.


BlueKaktus cloud based apparel manufacturing software is a technology solution from someone within the industry and hence we are intuitive to client’s business requirements, which is something that separates us from the crowd of other textile ERP providers.


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