Application Development

When it comes to Application Development, Innovizz Technologies operates in two areas, those are:

Custom Application Development

It is this ability that has enabled Innovizz to accumulate experience in so many diverse areas. A few of these include:

▪ Application Design, Development, and Testing (GUI, Database, etc.)
▪ Web Development (Internet/Intranet)
▪ Web-Enabling Applications
▪ EDI Applications
▪ Point-of-Sale and General Business Services Applications
▪ Client/Server Applications and Distributed Systems
▪ Platform Migrations and virtualization
The applications developed range from Web-stores, online service retailing to enterprise information systems. Competencies of Innovizz in .Net technologies, ASP, XML, PHP and C/C++ are demonstrated in various network-based applications. SQL/ Oracle database engines support most of these applications. Custom Application Development/ Maintenance It is a well-known fact that some of the ready-made, packaged applications have failed to meet the requirements of the customers because of their unique needs and differing business practices and processes.
In addition, prohibitive cost of implementing a packaged application and the maintenance thereafter becomes an unwelcome perspective. We have experienced I.T. Consultants for Project analysis, formulation and concept planning, right up to project management and installation. We develop customized Software that is completely based on user’s requirement with on any of the mentioned platform / languages.















Programming Language Rankings:

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