An agreement has been signed between Modele De Capital Ind. Ltd. and Innovizz Technologies Limited on 26 September, 2019 for the Bluekaktus – software as a service.

Modele De Capital Ind. Ltd. is a reputed knit composite Garment manufacturing company in Bangladesh since 2005. They had started the Step in RMG Industry by Establishing Knitting, Dyeing, Garments Manufacture & now a full Composite Entity. The organization has lots of reputed Buyers for the on time delivery & quality production records.

Modele De Capital Ind. Ltd. produce every kind of knitwear such as tee shirts, polo shirts, vest, pants, dress, shorts, boobtube, cami, legging, bottoms, jackets, nightwear and other fancy wears. We are expert in production of every kinds of knitwear item both for ladies, men’s, boys & girls, and for kids. Sportswear is another specialty that we produce for particular kind of customers.

Innovizz Technologies Limited is a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company which offers a broad range of services, innovative products and specialized support. Innovizz also provides end to end solutions and value-driven consultancy services to its customers. Innovizz Technologies Limited is the Bangladesh partner of Royal Datamatics Pvt. Ltd. (RDPL).

Royal Datamatics Pvt. Ltd. (RDPL) was established in India in the year 2000 with an objective to render IT services to the apparel industry.

  • Specialized in software solutions exclusively for Garment / Apparel and Leather industry.
  • Successfully implemented solutions at 350+ client locations across India and overseas.
  • RDPL have headquarters in New Delhi, India and a subsidiary in the US with 100+ full time resources.

BlueKaktus – A Cloud Solution

  • BlueKaktus is a cloud-based exclusive software solution for fashion manufacturing, sourcing and retailing companies.
  • BlueKaktus is an easy-to-use tool which gives high flexibility, scalability, low cost and NO maintenance benefits.
  • Armed with over 250-man years of experience in fashion technology we have developed specialized software for the fashion industry.
  • BlueKaktus also uses some of the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts to provide a superior user experience that is tailored to the users’ specific business needs.

BlueKaktus Features

  • Web & Mobile enabled
  • Rapid implementation
  • Latest state-of-the-art technology
  • Cloud-based
  • Easy accessibility
  • AI Algorithm and Machine Learning
  • Extremely flexible
  • 24/7 Support

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